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Love and Learning Labs  

Throughout the year, to advance our collective wellness, we offer Love and Learning Labs to 5th - 8th graders. We don't give you answers - instead we embrace autonomy by cultivating spaces that allow you to explore YOU and your greater experience with the world. These are brave and safe spaces grounded in dignity with intentions for you to discover yourself and your voice - to discover and harness your innate gifts. YOU are the standard!

Join us as we move from surviving to THRIVING by registering for one of our upcoming courses. 

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Outside of Class
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B. FLY Student 1

At the end of this lab, I'm leaving behind self-doubt and a low self-image, and I am embracing that I am somebody! I love my hair and the skin I am in.

B. FLY Student 2

I learned so many things in the labs. One of them is that my mistakes do not define me. I can learn from them and try again.

B. FLY Student 3

I hated that the labs came to an end, but I know there will be more and I am so excited to be a part of a group where I feel safe to be me. 

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